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You can contact us anytime! Also we are happy to welcome you into our office in Amsterdam or Milano!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all data be wiped from our machines?

Yes all machines wich arrive in our warehouse will be properly cleansed from their data. If you want we can also provide you a certificate that the machines has been wiped.

Will the machines be removed from our market?

Yes. All machines we buy we leave the EU. This way we can guarantee you that you never have to compete with your own used machines!

Do we need to bring the machines to you?

No. If we make a deal we will arrange everything so you dont have to spend much time on your old stock!

Where are you located?

We have warehouses in Milano Italy and Sassenheim The Netherlands. But we can collect the machines from all over Europe!

Can I buy machines from you?

Sure! If you are located outside Europe, dont hasitate to send us an email to

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